Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
We are in the Camptonville area, 30 miles north of Nevada City/Grass Valley off Highway 49. The Sacramento airport is a two hour drive from us; the Reno Airport is 2.5 hours away.  

What do you provide to guests? We provide bed linens and towels, and firewood when needed. The Cabin and Hermitage have a small collection of plates, cups, tableware, pots, pans and cooking tools.

Is there mobile phone reception? We have good reception for the major mobile phone providers on most of the property.

Is there Wi-Fi? We don't provide Wi-Fi, but many guests use phone connections or mobile hotspots. In the center of Camptonville (3 miles away), the Camptonville Community Center has free open Wi-Fi from 7 am-10pm; if they're not open, you can use it from their parking lot in front.

What kind of vehicle do I need? We recommend four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicles. If your car is standard drive or has low clearance, you may need to walk the last 1000 feet to the Cabin or the Hermitage. There is no public transit, car services or taxis in our area.

What should I bring with me? You should bring your own food, as well as sunscreen, sunhat, insect repellent and good walking shoes.

Where can I shop? The towns of Nevada City and Grass Valley (25 miles from Camptonville) provide many shopping options. You can find big-box stores in Yuba City, about 50 miles from Camptonville. In Camptonville on Highway 49, the Lost Nugget Market sells gas and a limited selection of groceries and hardware.

How can I learn about scenic local areas, swimming and hiking? Visit the pages for the Tahoe National Forest Highway 49 area and the Tahoe National Forest Marysville Road Area.

Where are the nearest restaurants? Always check first - things change...
North of us on Highway 49, the Indian Valley Outpost Resort is open seasonally, 11 miles from us. To the south, the Ridge CafĂ© in North San Juan serves breakfast and lunch. There is a restaurant at Lake Francis in Dobbins and two in Oregon House (about 20 miles) and there are many options in Nevada City, Grass Valley, Marysville and Yuba City. 

Are there events in the area? Yes, check camptonville.net to read the latest issue of the Camptonville Courier online, and listen online or at 89.5 FM to our wonderful  community radio station, KVMR, which is also the local emergency broadcast station.

Are there animals on the property? There are dogs, cats, cows and horses on the property. Please do not bring any pets without prior agreement.